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Spa LuhačoviceSpa Luhacovice - Czech Republic
Spa Luhacovice

Spa Luhačovice

Spa Luhacovice is the fourth largest and one of the most beautiful spas in the Czech Republic.

You can find us in the picturesque valley among the untouched nature of the protected area called White Carpathians. Luhacovice differs from other spas in the strength of natural healing springs and the beauty of its surroundings.

The singular architecture of the city completes the unique atmosphere of spa Luhacovice. Many spa buildings in Luhacovice were constructed in the style of Dusan Jurkovic, a Slovak folk Art Nouveau architect. A wonderful example of the architect's art is our exclusive spa hotel Jurkovicuv dum.

Spa Luhacovice, Inc. is one of the leading companies in the field of spa and tourism in the Czech Republic. We are the biggest spa company in Luhacovice, offering over 1,300 beds in hotels, villas, and two children's sanatoriums.

Unique natural healing springs rank Luhacovice among the top healing spas in Europe.

Luhacovice is a unique place. Czech Republic has applied for including Luhacovice on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Luhacovice will impress you in all seasons. Come and enjoy it!

Health of healing springs

15 healing springs rise in Luhacovice. Natural, heavily mineralized carbonate, iodine mineral water of a hydrogen-carbonate-chloride-sodium type includes sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron, and a large amount of dissolved carbon dioxide.

The most famous mineral spring is Vincentka. It is used as a basic inhalation fluid in the vast majority of inhalation facilities in the Czech Republic. But the effect of the mineral water rising directly from the spring is irreplacable. We are the top spa facility for treatment of respiratory diseases in the Czech Republic. Our unique natural mineral waters enable to cure a number of other diseases, too.

In the treatment of the musculoskeletal system, we use the latest rehabilitation methods and extensive experience from the spa Jáchymov. This spa has years of experience in the treatment of the locomotor system.

The treatment is complemented by favorable natural and climatic conditions. Our professional sta. further enhances our treatments. They are carefully trained, with years of experience and provide a sensitive attitude to all, even the smallest clients.

Come to find the health in Luhacovice. Let our experts take care of you!

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