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Spa Luhacovice

Important informations

  • Please note that all spa hotels are for non-smokers only.
  • Each guest of the Jurkovičův dům Spa Hotel has free entrance to swimming pool and whirlpool.
  • On arrival day, rooms are available from 12 a.m. in the full board hotels and from 2 p.m. in the half-board ones. On departure day, please vacate your room before 9 a.m.
  • As to the prices for accommodation in the suites of Jurkovičův dům, Palace and Dům Bedřicha Smetany Spa Hotels, we‘ll let you know them on request.
  • Your children can stay here with you upon individual negotiations.
  • Due to indications treated in our spa, it is not allowed to take dogs as well as other pets to the spa hotels with you.
  • The price of each stay comprizes services specified in the respective stay description. Payment of ordered and confirmed services is to be made prior to be provided the first of these services. Each client is informed of the way of payment for his stay in the stay confirmation.
  • Payment can be done: 1) by a bank transfer, 2) by a credit card, 3) in cash
  • We accept the following payment cards: VISA, JCB, DINERS CLUB INTERNATIONAL, EUROCARD, MasterCard, American Express.
  • Prices of stays don't include any travel insurance; we therefore suggest you to conclude travel insurance prior to set out.
  • Services and prices may be subject to change.
  • Medical examination or consultation usually takes place on the next day after your arrival. The treatment procedures can be provided on work days and on Saturdays. Your spa treatments programme can be during your stay optionally enlarged by further procedures provided by the Luhačovice Spa; price list of all spa treatments is available at your hotel's desk.
  • Breakfasts are served as a cold buffet, midday and evening meals as a choice from at least 7 dishes.
  • As for dietotherapy, there are economizing, low-calorie, low-cholesterol, slimming and diabetic diets prepared daily. For the slimming and diabetic ones, there is no other alternative but one meal. Diet meals cannot be consummed in a half-day regime.
  • At the half-board stays, the midday meal can be ordered additionally for an excess charge.
  • At the full board stays, half-board is possible as well (except the Course of spa treatments); the boarding change is to be agreed and confirmed before your arrival.
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